Wellbore pressure drop for vertical well in infinite homogenous reservoir with perpendicular constant pressures boundary, [psi]

Excel Function Syntax

PwVWIHRPCPB(time, prodData, B, Ul, C, Rw, S, Ct, porosity, h, k, L1, L2)

Online Calculator

Parameter Value Description
time elapsed time, [hours]
prodData flow rate at surface, [STB/D] or array of time [hours] / flow rate [STB/D] of production data
B Formation volume factor, [bbl/STB]
Ul Viscosity, [cP]
C Wellbore storage coefficient, [bbl/psi]
Rw Wellbore radius, [ft]
S Skin factor, [dimensionless]
Ct Total compressibility, [1/psi]
porosity Porosity, [fraction]
h Reservoir height, [ft]
k Permeability, [mD]
L1 Distance to boundary 1, [ft]
L2 Distance to boundary 2, [ft]