Pseudosteady state productivity index for horizontal well, [STB/(d.psi)] The Babu Odeh method for a box-shaped , anisotropic reservoir, with a well centrally placed parallel to X(box length)-direction.

Excel Function Syntax

ProdIndexHorWellBO2(sizeX, sizeY, sizeZ, Kx, Ky, Kz, L, Rw, Bl, Ul, S)

Online Calculator

sizeXLength size of the reservoir drainage box. X-direction, parallel to the well, [ft]
sizeYWidth size of the reservoir drainage box. Y-direction, perpendicular to the well, [ft]
sizeZReservoir height. Z-direction, [ft]
KxHorizontal permeability in X-direction, [mD]
KyHorizontal permeability in Y-direction, [mD]
KzVertical permeability, [mD]
LLength of the horizontal part of the well, [ft]
RwWellbore radius, [ft]
BlFormation volume factor, [bbl/STB].
UlLiquid viscosity, [cP]
SSkin factor, [dimensionless]