Pressure gradient for multiphase pipe flow by Hagedorn and Brown correlation with Griffith modification , [psi/ft]. It was developed for vertical, upward flow and is recommended only for near-vertical wellbores.

Excel Function Syntax

PressureGradientHarBrown(Ql, Rho_l, Ul, Qg, Ug, SGgas, zFactor, IFTgl, pipeID, pipeRoughness, P, T)

Online Calculator

Parameter Value Description
Ql Liquid rate, [bbl/d]
Rho_l Liquid density, [lb/ft3]
Ul Liquid viscosity, [cP]
Qg Gas rate, [mmscf/d]
Ug Gas viscosity, [cP]
SGgas Gas specific gravity (air=1.0)
zFactor Gas compressibility factor (Z), [dimensionless]
IFTgl Liquid-gas interfacial (surface) tension, [dynes/cm]
pipeID Pipe inner diameter, [in]
pipeRoughness Pipe relative roughness, [dimensionless]
P Pressure, [psia]
T Temperature, [degF]