Outlet pipe pressure for single phase pipe flow of gas (compressible fluid), [psia]

Excel Function Syntax

OutletPipePressureGas(Qg, P_in, pipeLength, pipeID, pipeAngle, pipeRoughness, zFactor, T, SGgas, Ug)

Online Calculator

Parameter Value Description
Qg Gas rate, [mscf/d]
P_in Inlet pipe pressure, [psia]
pipeLength Pipe length, [ft]
pipeID Pipe inner diameter, [in]
pipeAngle Pipe angle from horizontal, [degrees] Horizontal flow: angle = 0; Vertical well producer: angle = 90; Vertical well injector: angle = -90;
pipeRoughness Pipe relative roughness, [dimensionless]
zFactor Gas compressibility factor (Z), [dimensionless]
T Temperature at middle point of the pipe, [degF]
SGgas Gas specific gravity (air=1.0)
Ug Gas viscosity, [cP]