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LET-type oil relative permeability, [dimensionless]

Excel Function Syntax:

KrowLET(Sw, Swi, Sorw, KrowSwi, Lo, Eo, To)

Online Calculator:

Parameter Value Description
Sw Water saturation, [fraction]
Swi Irreducible (minimal) water saturation, [fraction]
Sorw Residual (minimal) oil saturation after water flooding, [fraction]
KrowSwi End point of oil relative permeability, usually equals 1, [dimensionless]
Lo Empirical constant describes the lower part of the curve, [dimensionless]
Eo The parameter E describes the position of the slope (or the elevation) of the curve.
To Empirical constant describes the upper part of the curve, [dimensionless]

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LET-type water relative permeability, [dimensionless]

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