Subsea considerations - Casing burst pressure-subsea stack


YP: Internal Yield Pressure (psi)

SF: Safety Factor (fraction)

\(W_{u}\): Mud Weight in use (ppg)

\(\mathrm{H}\): Depth from Rotary Kelly Bushing to Mudline (ft)

\(H_{s}\): Depth of Seawater \((\mathrm{ft})\)

\(W_{s}\): Seawater Weight \((\mathrm{ppg})\)


\(Y P_{c}\): Corrected Internal Yield Pressure (psi)

HP: Hydrostatic Pressure of Mud in Use (psi)

\(H P_{s w}\): Hydrostatic Pressure exerted by sea water (psi)

CBP: Casing Burst Pressure (psi)


\[ \begin{gathered} Y P_{c}=Y P * S F \\ H P=W_{u} * 0.052 * H \\ H P_{s w}=H_{s} * 0.052 * W_{s} \\ \mathrm{CBP}=Y P_{c}-H P+\left(H P_{s w}\right) \end{gathered} \]


Formulas and Calculations for Drilling, Production and Workover, Second Edition, Lapeyrouse, Page: 146.

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