Solids analysis-High-salt content muds


\(C_{C l}\): Concentration of Chlorine \((\mathrm{ppm})\)

\(P_{v w}\): Percentage by vol of water (percent)

\(P_{v o}\): Percentage by vol of oil (percent)

S: CEC of shale \((\mathrm{lb} / \mathrm{bbl})\)

M: CEC of Mud (lb/bbl)

mw: Mud Weight (ppg)


SW: Percentage by vol of salt water (percent)

SS: Percentage by vol of suspended solids (percent)

\(A S G_{s w}\): Average specific gravity of salt water (fraction)

ASG: Average specific gravity of solids (fraction)

LGS: Percentage by volume of low gravity solids (% by vol)

\(P_{b}\): Pounds per barrel of barite (% by vol)

\(P_{b e}\): Percentage of Bentonite \((\mathrm{lb} / \mathrm{bbl})\)

\(P_{d s}\): Percentage of Drilled Solids \((\mathrm{lb} / \mathrm{bbl})\)


\[ \begin{gathered} S W=\left(\left(5.88 * 10^{-8}\right) *\left(\left(C_{C l}\right)^{1.2}\right)+1\right) * P_{v w} \\ S S=100-P_{v o}-S W \\ A S G_{s w}=\left(\left(C_{C l}\right)^{0.95}\right) * 1.94 * 10^{-6}+1 \\ A S G=\frac{(12 * m w)-\left(S W * A S G_{s w}\right)-0.84 * P_{v o}}{S S} \\ L G S=S S * \frac{4.2-A S G}{1.6} \\ P_{b}=(S S-L G S) * 14.71 \\ P_{b e}=\frac{\left((M-9) * \frac{S}{65}\right) * \frac{L G S}{1-\frac{S}{65}}}{9.1} \\ P_{d s}=\left(L G S-P_{b e}\right) * 9.1 \end{gathered} \]


Formulas and Calculations for Drilling, Production and Workover, Second Edition, Lapeyrouse, Page: 91.


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