Evaluation of centrifuge


MW: Mud Density into centrifuge (ppg)

QM: Mud Volume into centrifuge ( \(\mathrm{gal} / \mathrm{min})\)

PW: Dilution water density (ppg)

QW: Dilution Water volume (gal/min)

PU: Underflow Mud density (ppg)

PO: Overflow Mud Density (ppg)

CC: Clay content in mud (lb/bbl)

CD: Additive content in mud (lb/bbl)


QU: Underflow Mud Vol (gal/min)

FU: Fraction of old mud in underflow (fraction)

QC: Mass rate of Clay (lb/min)

QD: Mass rate of Additive (lb/min)

QP: Water flow rate into mixing pit (gal/min)

QB: Mass rate of API Barite (lb/min)


\[ \begin{gathered} Q U=\frac{Q M *(M W-P O)-Q W *(P O-P W)}{P U-P O} \\ F U=\frac{35-P U}{35-M W+\frac{Q W}{Q M} *(35-P W)} \\ Q C=C C * \frac{Q M-(Q U * F U)}{42} \\ Q D=C D * \frac{Q M-(Q U * F U)}{42} \\ Q P=\frac{(Q M *(35-M W))-(Q U *(35-P U))-0.6129 * Q C-0.6129 * Q D}{35-P W} \\ Q B=\left(Q M-Q U-Q P-\frac{Q C}{21.7}-\frac{Q D}{21.7}\right) * 35 \end{gathered} \]


Formulas and Calculations for Drilling, Production and Workover, Second Edition, Lapeyrouse, Page: 99.


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