Combined solubility - Hydrocarbon gas, CO2, and H2S - in each of the mud components


\(f_{h}\): Mole Fraction of Hydrocarbon Gas (dimensionless)

\(f_{\mathrm{CO}_{2}}\): Mole Fraction of Carbon Dioxide (dimensionless)

\(f_{\mathrm{H}_{2}} \mathrm{~S}\): Mole Fraction of Hydrogen Sulphure (dimensionless)

\(r_{s h}\): Solubility of Hydrocarbon Gas (SCF/bbl)

\(r_{\mathrm{SCO}_{2}}\): Solubility of Carbon Dioxide \((\mathrm{SCF} / \mathrm{bbl})\)

\(r_{\mathrm{sH}_{2} \mathrm{~S}} \mathrm{~S}\) Solubility of Hydrogen Sulphure \((\mathrm{SCF} / \mathrm{bbl})\)


\(d r_{s(o, w, e)}\): Combined Solubility of Hydrocarbon Gas, \(\mathrm{CO}_{2}\) and \(\mathrm{H}_{2} \mathrm{~S}(\mathrm{SCF} / \mathrm{bbl})\)


\[ r_{s(o, e)}=f_{h} r_{s h}+f_{\mathrm{CO}_{2}} r_{s \mathrm{CO}_{2}}+f_{\mathrm{H}_{2} S} r_{s H_{2} S} \]


Watson, D., Brittenham, T., & Moore, P. L. (2003). Advanced Well Control (Vol. 10). Society of Petroleum Engineers, Page: 16.

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