Unit Conversion in Petroleum Office

Unit conversion in Petroleum Office is based on UnitConverter() Excel function which is part on add-in function library.


=UnitConverter(Value, UnitFrom, UnitTo)

It has the following parameters:

  • Value - value you need to convert
  • UnitFrom - source unit abbreviation
  • UnitTo - target unit abbreviation


There are 3 types of units you can use with UnitConverter().

  1. Registered Units

Add-in has built in extensive library of units (~1500).


By clicking the "All Units" button on Ribbon, you can find the full list of registered units, search through and copy abbreviation for selected.


  1. Scaled Units

It's a combination of value with registered unit separated by space, "640 acre" for example.

3) Unit Expression*

You can create your own unit using simple syntax by combining any registered units and the following characters: * - as multiplication, ^ - as power. Here is an example:


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