Troubleshooting #NAME? Error

Step 1. Check the Petroleum Office license status under Petroleum Office Tab => Settings button on ribbon => Licensing section. If license is expired of trial expired, functions from add-in would not be loaded.

Step 2. Check if Petroleum Office is active in Excel add-in list. There must be 2 Petroleum Office add-ins - one is Excel add-in, another is COM add-in, both must be active.


If Excel Add-in is not active, try to activate in - Go... button at with Manage Excel Add-ins.

Step 3. In rare situation the Petroleum Office Excel Add-in is not in the list. You need to add it manually. Notice the location of COM Add-in, both Excel Add-in and COM Add-in packed within the same .dll file. Click Go... with Manage Excel Add-ins. And then Browse...


Select All Files (.) from drop-down button next to File name, navigate and select the same file as COM add-in.


Restart Excel.

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