How To Use File Generator

File Generator is under Toolbox menu button of Petroleum Office ribbon. It's pop up window has 4 range inputs.


  1. Select File Template - choose the cell with the name of file template. Important - this file must be in the same directory as your current Excel file, click "Open File Folder" to open current file directory in windows explorer.
  2. Select Tokens - select the horizontal cell range with token placeholders, these tokens will be replace during file generation with specific values. Tokens must be unique.
  3. Select Cases - select the vertical cell range with file names for each case, all must be unique.
  4. Select Token-Value Table" - select cell range with values for tokens.

Click generate files. All generated file will be located in the same folder as template file.

Here is example content of very simple file template and content of the one generated file.


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